When they filed papers of incorporation on July 28, 2008, the listed address was 5300 Memorial, Suite 1070 – the same office as Denis Calabrese’s Patriot Group.

The Patriot Group claims to be a conservative organization – but they are no grassroots operation.  The Patriot Group represents a who’s who of the entrenched establishment: Texans for Lawsuit Reform, mega-builder Bob Perry of Perry Homes and even a company that produces fuel supply additives.   Watchdog now shares an office with the so-called “Texans for Ethics & Accountability,” an organization whose main purpose appears to be filing complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission against the Patriot Group’s enemies – including HillCo Partners, a rival Republican-leaning lobbying firm.

In addition to their questionable origin, Texas Watchdog is run Editor Trent Siebert. You’ve probably never heard of Siebert – but if you were from Colorado, you might have.  You see, before coming to Texas to pollute our state with false attacks, Siebert had a reputation as one of the worst journalists in Colorado as a writer for the Denver Post.

The Colorado Freedom Report wrote “Trent Siebert has taken yellow journalism to a new level in Colorado…” According to the Freedom Report, Siebert made “multiple, unsubstantiated allegations” against the subject of one of his articles for the Post which was picked up by the Associated Press.

But that’s not all.  Less than one year after his yellow journalism incident, Siebert was again a hot-topic in Colorado.

“Most staffers at major metropolitan dailies go their entire careers without writing a front-page article that turns out to be completely bogus. So kudos to the Denver Post’s Trent Seibert, who’s managed to pull of this rate achievement twice in the span of a month.”

Wow.  And now Texans are supposed to believe this guy?